Top 5 Website Drag-and-Drop Builders for Business Owners

Top 5 Website Drag-and-Drop Builders for Business Owners

So you’re building your new WordPress site, or just updating your existing site and your feeling limited by the available themes? Maybe it’s time to think of using a builder.

Drag-and-drop builders are a great tool to build a custom WordPress site tailored to your specific needs. They offer you flexibility when building and allow you to design your website to look just how you want it.

There are many builders out there. In this post, I cover 5 of the most popular builders, and which one I recommend.


Elementor is an intuitive WordPress drag-and-drop builder that allows you to drag elements anywhere on the page as you build your site.

With a bit more complex building structure it might take a bit longer to get used to than some of the other builders mentioned here but it’s a powerful system to use if you know what you’re doing.

The basic license only covers one website. It’s also been reported to not have the cleanest output making the sites built in Elementor slower than other builder sites.

Cost: $59 per year


OptimizePress has a very similar interface to Elementor with a drag-and-drop builder that can sometimes feel a little convoluted.

It can be hard to use if you just getting started and it has grown to have several conflicts with other well-known WordPress plugins. At a higher price than all other plugins in this list, it’s no longer an option I would recommend.

Cost: $129 per year


SeedProd easy to use drag and drop builder it makes it easy to build out your design with no coding skills.

It includes several landing page templates for you to use and customize. This plugin is definitely geared to help you build your landing pages, if your looking for a full website you might be better of with a more complete plugin.

The basic license only covers one website and you’ll have a hike in cost waiting for you after the first year of the license.

Cost: $79 per year


Divi is a popular drag-and-drop builder that allows you to see your site as you build it. It’s extremely intuitive to use, making it a great starting point if you’ve never worked with a drag-and-drop builder before.

A large number of modules allows you a lot of flexibility while making sure that whatever you build in Divi will look amazing. The biggest downside of Divi is that it’s been accused of being bulky and heavy and not allowing for an easy transition out of the system.

Cost: $89 per year

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder lets you build any site you need from a simple blog to an eCommerce site. The basic license includes an unlimited number of sites. And the built-in tour will help you get familiar with the new builder quickly.

With a suite of drag-and-drop modules that will let you do virtually anything Beaver doesn’t stop there including several pre-design templates that you can use and customize to fit your needs.

It’s also fully responsive allowing for easy customization of your site on different screen sizes.

Cost: $99 per year

Of all of the above plugins I’ll have to say my favourite is Beaver Builder it’s been a slow process to get me to love this builder having used Divi for years but the more I use it the more I like it!

The builder interface is very intuitive and easy to use and it blows Divi out of the water when it comes to speed and compatibility with other WordPress plugins. It’s a bit more on the expensive side but if you’re looking for a builder that will allow your website to grow with your business then Beaver Builder is the right plugin to use!

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