I finally found a business community where people are working to live, not just living to work!

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Most business communities & coaching groups feel icky to me. It all seems to be about working yourself to the ground to get to those elusive 6 figure months. With no thought on whether that’s what you want or need for your live. That is until I found Wandering aimfully!

I love that the WAIM community isn’t just about making as much money as possible. It’s about working toward our business goals WITHOUT sacrificing my values and a balanced lifestyle in the process.

In WAIM there isn’t a push for some pre-made business goal, no: let’s make 6 figure a month, retire at 30 BS. It’s all about figuring out what goals are right for your business and life and working towards them. WAIM will offer you the tools you need to reach YOUR goals all while encouraging you to listen to your body and mind and taking the time to rest, take care of yourself and build a business that not only makes money but that you love running.

If you’re tired of burning out, this is the community for you!

WAIM will be opening their doors for new members on the 3rd of October so keep an eye out and join us. If you’re a business owner looking for coaching that actually aligns with your values and isn’t all about some made up goals then this is 100% the place for you!

WAIM Unlimited

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