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Communicate with your clients through clear graphics and designs.

Sofia Garcês - Founder & Imperfect Creative

graphic design

Creating on-brand designs for Your Brand

No matter what your business core offering, graphics are a big way you communicate with your audience. From social media posts to PDF designs and freebies having a visual brand is important to help you communicate with your audience clearly.

Here at Imperfect Creative, we focus on creating graphics for your business that won’t just look great but will support your business in creating a clear graphic line that will make you recognizable to your audience, so that you can make sure they know when they see something you’ve made.

All our graphics are custom designed for your brand with your clients and core audience in mind. We’ll take your branding and bring it into the forefront so that you can be secure in your messaging wherever you’re showing up online and offline.

Custom Graphic Design for your business

so that you never feel like…

You’re struggling to bring your brand out from your site into your other platforms.

Your brand belongs wherever you are online with the right design support you can make that happen with ease.

You’re wasting hours on Canva trying to find the right template for your next post.

By creating a group of custom-built templates for your social media that you can easily adapt to your different posts.

Your content looks unprofessional and not in line with your branding.

Design doesn’t have to be daunting and with the right support, you can create content that looks good and on-brand.

we can help!

What to Expect

Graphic Design



We’ll begin with a consultation call where we’ll discuss your goals and branding and how to bring it into whatever you need designed, from freebies to PDFs and social posts.



As we begin to create your designs you’ll be creating the content that goes along with them. We’ll use your branding as a starting point keeping in mind your core clients.



With all the graphics finalized, we’ll have two rounds of design revisions where we’ll make any necessary adjustments before taking that design and running with it.

Sofia Garcês - Founder & Imperfect Creative

hi, i’m Sofia!

Imagining designs to help your business grow

Say goodbye to spending hours on Canva perfecting your new freebie trying to get it just right! There’s an easier way to bring great design into your business!

I’m the designer and creative behind Imperfect Creative, I help business owners develop a brand presence that communicates their true strengths and purpose. I work with my clients as a true business partner, striving to support them as they grow their businesses.


"With Sofia on my team, I can further step into my vision knowing I can count on her to carry out my strategies on time. She has a knack for visualizing content that attracts viewers and sticks to brand standards. Not only that, but it's great to have someone on the team that's optimistic about our growth and helps us get there."

- Amber Brooks, Brandividuation

"Working with Sofia has been very beneficial as a solopreneur. She's helped me stay organized and on track with my design business by assisting me with both admin and client work. Sofia's speed and efficiency with all the tasks I give her have been so great that I've worked with her for over a year now. I highly recommend hiring Sofia to uplevel your business!"

- Melissa Alam, Founder of ALAM Digital

"Before Sofia Garcês came to my world I was doing it all on my own leaving me very little time to focus on exactly what I'm passionate about. Having Sofia in my team has allowed me to focus more on what my clients what to achieve and give them 100% of my one 2 one attention."

- Sofia Pacifico Reis, Increase Your Social Reach

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