Taking time off while keeping your business going.


August was a time for recharging batteries. For the second time since starting my business, I took time off to just unplug and relax. It can be hard as business owners to take time off from your business but it’s not impossible!

Monthly Roundup

Taking Time off Work

For the second time since starting my business, I took two weeks off work in August. It felt great to be able to disconnect from work and just enjoy spending time with my partner. As entrepreneurs taking time off can be scary but it’s also necessary so that you can come back with recharged batteries and a fresh perspective on your business.

Best Practices & Tips

Getting your Business Ready for you to take some time off.

I can promise you this: Your business will not die if you take some time off! But there are a few things you can do to make the journey easier.

First: Let your clients know that you’re taking time off well ahead of schedule. I typically send out an email with that information a month before I take the time off.

Second: Set up autoresponders for when you are out of the office. This will make it easier for you not to constantly check emails and actually disconnect.

Third: Plan what needs to get done before you go. This might mean moving some deadlines up so that you complete all client work before you head out. It might mean a few busier weeks but it’s well worth it.

And finally: Enjoy your time off! Disconnect and recharge those batteries so that you can come back with that extra energy!

Featured Tools!

These are some of the tools that made taking time off easy and fun for me! Take the ones you like and ignore all others, we all have different needs in our businesses and not everything I use will be right for you!

I’ve been using google Gmail for years and one of my favorite features from it is how easy it is to set up auto responders for your vacation.

Click up is where I manage all my tasks. Before I headed out on vacation I was able to assign tasks to my team so that they could take care of things while I was off.

My calendar is where I organize all my work and tasks for the days. For my vacation, I was able to plan my time off and my workload for the days before I headed off.

What Inspired me this Month!

Traveling can be a great source of Inspiration

I got to see a lot of beautiful places on my vacations this month we travelled to Porto and Aveiro. Travelling has always been a great source of inspiration for me so here are a few pictures from my travels that will hopefully spark some inspiration for you as well.

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