VIP Design Days

Your Design Wishlist done for you in one day!

VIP Design Days are 1:1 intensives where we provide you with focused and tailored support. We’ll work through your design to-do list in a day so that you can focus on other tasks within your business and keep moving forward!

Sofia Garcês - Founder & Imperfect Creative

what if…

Instead of waiting weeks or months to get your design delivered to you had a professional designer who has blocked off her whole day just for you!

With a VIP Design Day you’ll be able to:

  • Invest in custom designs for your business that attract your dream clients
  • Bring those custom designs into reality in a matter of days…
  • Have access to a designer for an entire day, fully focused on you and your business.

Here’s what you get with our VIP Design Days:


A 30 minute kickoff call via zoom


A full 6-hour focussed work only on your design project


One week of design support via email


I only book 4 VIP Days a month. Take a look at the calendar to see which days are available and to book your spot.

Investment: $500 

Not sure if the VIP Design Day is a Good fit? Let’s talk.

What’s possible for a design VIP day?

Here are some examples of what we can get done in a day!


Sales Page

Create and connect your landing page or for your next launch.


Social Templates

Template Library for your Social Media based on your branding.


Course Materials

All the supporting materials you need for your new Course.


Website Redesign

Website setup with Divi or Squarespace (1 to 5 Pages).


Design Punch List

List of design bits and-bobs that you need for your business.

Here’s how it works:



Book your VIP day here. Once your payment comes through you’ll be sent an email with all the details of how your VIP day will work.


The week before

You’ll be sent a questionnaire where you’ll share your design punch list along with any copy, graphics, images, or necessary information.


The Day Of

On the day I’ll put away all distractions and keep in touch throughout the day to get your feedback and make sure we’re headed in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

Currently, VIP days are $500.

What can we get done during a VIP Design Day?

A lot!

In past VIP Days I’ve been able to:

  • Create a one-sheet for marketing promotion.
  • Create logo variations for a brand.
  • Create Instagram templates for 2 brands.
  • Create a long-form sales page.
  • Create a sub-brand logo, icons, business card, pricing sheet, and Instagram templates.
What if I need more time?

We can get a lot done in one day. But if you need a little bit more time than just one day, you can book back-to-back VIP days or an additional half-day if needed to complete your project.

Not sure how much time we’ll need for your project? Get in touch.

How early should I book my VIP day?

I only take 4 VIP days a month. If you are planning for a launch or need to get your project done within the next 1-2 months, I recommend reaching out as soon as possible.

Do I need to be available during the VIP day?


Please make sure that you are free the day of our scheduled VIP day. I’ll be checking in with you throughout the day showing you the progress and asking for feedback.

The more available you are throughout the day, the more we can get done!

How do I prepare for the VIP day?

You’ll need to have your design wishlist prepared in order of importance.

As well as any necessary copy, graphics, images, or brand guidelines.

The more information I have upfront, the more I can get done!

Ready to book your

VIP Design Day?

Your 1 Day Intensive is waiting for you! I only book 4 VIP Days a month so book your spot today!

Investment: $500 

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