Changing the way you work with Designers

Typically when you hire a designer there’s a whole process to get your work back to you, meetings, and a waiting time while you get your design back to you. But there’s another way to do it!

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Changing the way you work with Designers
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Monthly Roundup

A better way to do design work for your business!

Instead of waiting weeks to get your design back to you why not get it in a day?

This is why I created my VIP design days! One day where we focus on your design to-do list and get those designs delivered to you on the spot!

How does that sound?

Best Practices & Tips

Preparing for your VIP Design Day!

If you’re considering doing a VIP Design Day then there are a few things you can do to prepare.

Prioritize your Design Tasks:
I’m sure you have a long list of design goals to get done for your business, but not everything can be done in a day. So it’s time to look at what will be more important for your business going forward.

Organize your Brand Information:
Once you’re clear on what you want to accomplish it’s time to gather your brand information and all the details for the designs you want to create.

Book Your VIP Design Day
It’s time to book your VIP Design Day. Make sure to book a day where you can be available to chat throughout the day to answer questions.

If you want to book your own VIP Design day get in touch!

Prepare for your VIP Design Day
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Featured Tools!

Here are some of my favourite ways to share work with designers and make sure your information stays secure and that you communicate all that you need with your designer.


LastPass is my favourite way to share passwords with clients. It keeps your password secret while allowing access your accounts.

Google Drive

Google Drive is perfect for sharing files, documents and any other information that you need to share with your designer.

Google Docs

My favourite part about google docs is that they allow you to make updates and comments on your documents with ease.

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