3 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Better Website

3 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Better Website

I’ve been working on building quite a few websites in the past months for clients and I keep going back to 3 questions that have served me as a guide for helping my clients create a website that not only looks better but works for their business.

What is the purpose of your site?

You may want a website for several different reasons, they can help you provide your business services, sell a specific product or offer to allow people to schedule an appointment etc.

When building your site ask yourself what’s your number one goal for your website. This will help you structure the content and design of your website towards that goal.

Who is your target audience?

You can’t build a website for everyone, you need to build it for your people. Think about who you’re speaking to and who you want to visit your website. This will help inform the design choices for your site and help you design a site that’s not only easy to navigate by your target audience but also engaging.

What are the sections that your website needs?

You might have different content sections that you want to include on your site: a blog, homepage, about, services, etc. Think about what are the different sections/pages that you want to include in your website and how they interlock.

You’ll want to think about the journey you want people to take when visiting your website and make sure that each page is prompting your audience to take the next step.

These 3 questions have helped me countless times when I’m feeling lost while building a website, they’re roadsigns helping you get to your destination.

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