WAIM Unlimited is open for enrollment! Are you joining?

Enrollment is now open for WAIM Unlimited! Are you joining?

Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited is an un-boring coaching program for intentional online business owners. Not your regular coaching system but a program built for real people building real businesses!Through monthly live coaching sessions around a specific theme, Jason and Caroline Zook teach what they’ve learned across 15 years of online business, all in the hopes of helping WAIM members boost their revenue, gain more free time and have more fun!

If you’re looking for the best value to help you grow your business with intention, join Wandering Aimfully’s WAIM Unlimited program. It’s one of the smartest investments I’ve made.

What you get when you join:

🗺 The Un-Boring Business Roadmap: an in-depth roadmap that pulls all of Jason’s and Caroline’s experience, coaching sessions, and knowledge into ONE sequential program that an online business owner can jump into. This comes with:

🗂 A step-by-step system for improving any online business based on their 5-step business checklist (Foundation -> Offer -> Marketing -> Content -> Website)

📺 36 two-hour pre-recorded coaching sessions that leave no stone left unturned for every aspect on online business creation

📓 Interactive workbooks to put each part of the roadmap into specific action, some in the form of editable PDFs and some in the form of Notion templates

🌎 Access to the private Slack community

👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦲 1-on-1 help from Jason & Caroline through Slack, email and monthly live session Q&As

🏆Momentum Mondays accountability with Jason through Slack

📋 Notion Starter Pack: a full system of Notion Templates that help with project management, business organization, content creation, and more! (If you’re not familiar, Notion is a flexible and customizable project management and note-taking software app.)

📐 Page Layout Library: A library of 10 different website page layouts with copy prompts, including sales pages, home pages, about pages and marketing bridge landing pages, in order to make spinning up new website pages a breeze.

🤖 WAIM.ai Personal Coaching Robot: This microsite hosts 200 audio coaching clips sorted by topic to help business owners overcome the mental, emotional, and practical hurdles we all face on our journeys.

⚙️ Lifetime Teachery Account: This is an online course software platform, which helps someone build and sell courses easily and without any technical knowledge. (Normally $49/month, but a lifetime account is included free with WAIM Unlimited.)

🔑 WAIM Vault and WAIM Custom Dashboard: Over 40+ courses, workshops, walk-throughs, and behind the scenes videos, complete with a powerful search by keyword and accessible from a personalized dashboard

🔮 Anything they make in the future: At no additional cost!

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